CoffeeLink Open News Server v1.3

CoffeeLink Open News Server is now available for free download on our web site. Click one of the links below to download the program.

Distribution and use of CoffeeLink Open News Server is governed by the license agreement.

To learn more about CoffeeLink Open News Server click here.

To read the license agreement click here.

To download in ZIP format click here.

To download in gzip/tar format click here.

CoffeeLink Open News Server is not officially supported by Burton Computer Corporation. Support contracts and/or commercial binary versions with easier installation and some support may become available in the future if there is sufficient demand.

In the meantime you are welcome to post questions, suggestions, bug reports, and enhancement requests to the CoffeeLink Open News Server discussion group.


You may also email suggestions and bug reports to

jmake Version 1.0

jmake is a handy utility written as an experiment in reading Java(tm) bytecode files. It provides a simple project management/make capability for Java development using Sun Microsystem's JDK 1.1 or higher.

jmake is available in jar format. To install and use simply unpack the file and refer to the README file in the jmake-1.0 directory. jmake is distributed under the Mozilla Public License and includes source code.

Coffee Chess Version 0.1

How about a nice game of chess? BCC has developed a small chess application in Java that you can play over the Internet with a friend. (No AI is provided - you must have a human opponent to play.) The game includes ordinary chess and a fun variant called "Shadow Chess" that brings fog of war to the game of kings.

The game is available in both zip and gzipped tar formats. To install and play simply unpack the file and refer to the readme.txt file in the coffee_chess directory. You'll need Java 1.0.2 or higher to play. Enjoy!


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