BCC was founded in 1995 to develop powerful and reliable distributed software to help companies of all sizes to operate more efficiently and profitably. BCC's staff specializes in the latest object oriented software technologies including CORBA, Java, and C++. Whether you're looking for custom software development or shrink-wrapped products, BCC is your source for reliable, portable, open software.

At BCC we believe strongly in the value of open systems and adherence to standards. We see Sun Microsystem's Java language as an exciting opportunity to eliminate the expense of porting the same software to multiple platforms.

Our Vision

Burton Computer Corporation is a privately held Maryland based company founded in 1995 with the expressed purpose of moving companies into the Java age. We're experts at using today's powerful technologies to design and build solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses.

Our Clients

Burton Computer Corporation has designed and developed numerous custom programs and tools to meet the specific business needs of its customers. Some past clients include:

  • Hazox Environmental Corporation 
  • Independence Blue Cross 
  • Micro-Integration Corporation 
  • Reality Online, Inc. 




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