A new age in computing has emerged. As the era of open systems asserts itself, companies everywhere are demanding tools, programs, and solutions that make their heterogeneous systems work together smoothly.

It's a big order and your future depends on finding someone you can trust to fill it. Burton Computer Corporation (BCC) is a software development company committed to moving businesses into the Java age. At BCC, we have the education, experience, and business know-how to deliver custom software that meet your business challenges.

Maybe your company or organization could use expert help

  • evaluating the potential benefits of object oriented technology, 
  • designing a CORBA based distributed computing infrastructure, or 
  • developing mission critical applications to power your business. 

Or if your business serves other organizations in designing and implementing Internet or Intranet systems you can add the experts at BCC to your team to meet tight deadlines or rescue troubled development projects. BCC can help whatever your programming needs!

At BCC, we're experts at exploiting the best that Java, CORBA, C++, and today's other technologies have to offer to make businesses stronger and more efficient. BCC has everything you need to handle all of your custom software development and consulting needs.

BCC's main goal is to provide valuable business solutions to our clients. When you put BCC on your team, we work with you, not for you. No one knows your business, your needs, and your objectives better than you. That's why you play an important role in designing your application. BCC listens to your requirements and concerns from beginning to end.

When the requirements are clearly defined, BCC builds a reliable application that performs as required and delivers the results you want. During the development stage, BCC provides prototypes and incorporates your feedback to ensure that the end result fulfills your needs.

BCC has years of development experience with Java, C++, and CORBA. We handle projects as simple as a small applet for a web page, or as complex as an object-oriented three tier distributed computing infrastructure. Maybe you need sophisticated systems integration software to make your computers work together or an electronic commerce application to securely handle monetary transactions over the Internet. Whatever your needs, BCC can design systems and applications that solve the complex business problems and challenges you face today.


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